Wednesday, March 03, 2004

it's on...

I've sketched out the rough design for the new poncho. I had started one back in the fall, but quickly realized that it wasn't quite what I wanted. It was mostly stockenette, with a little detail that would fall around the neck. Well, the leaf pattern that I wanted ended up a complete flop.

We'll I'm back to the original poncho desire, inspired by Benetton. This one will be much more simple to knit. It's a cool ribbed pattern w/ a cowl neck...which I might tinker with a little, since it's summer now. So far, I've work out my gauge (4.5 st = 1") using two strands of Paton's Country Garden DK. It's the same yarn that I started v1.0 with, in a plum color. I'll probably cast on today or tomorrow!

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