Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what's up next?

With only 3 more blocks to knit for the Log Cabin blanket, I'm already starting to get an itch to start another project. Plus, once I finish knitting the squares, I'll need a new project to take with me on the bus. Even though I'm tempted by things such as Oslo, Bridges, and Geneva, I think I should stick to my original line-up for the year. So, next up will be Starsky! I've wanted to make this sweater since it was first released, and it looks like it could be the perfect early-fall addition to my wardrobe.

In other news, my friend Maya is spending the fall in DC! She arrives tomorrow. I'll be cleaning up the apartment tonight, so that AF and I don't look like complete slobs...I hope she remembers to bring the socks we started in Cali.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

log cabin running low...

I'm running out of time and yarn. I've been working during all of my free time to finish up the Log Cabin Blanket. Last week, I finished another row of blocks, and even re-knit the block that I think I lost...I was at 57%, and figured I should check out how much more yarn I had.

Well, when I opened up the stash, I was sadly to find that I only had 3 balls of each color left. I don't think that's going to be enough to make my original design:

Log Cabin 1
Unfortunately, Elann doesn't carry the yarn that I'm using in the colors I need anymore. I decided that I would make an amended version of the blanket. It's going to be only 5x5, instead of 5x7 as I originally intended. I've come this far, so I have to finish this project. The new version will look like this:
Log Cabin 2
With the quick design change, and another few days of knitting, I'm 84% done with the knitting! With the wedding two weeks away, I feel a lot better with those numbers. My new goal is to have this ready for the happy couple when they return from the honeymoon, some time in late-October.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

the cure: re-visited

By no fault of my own, something has tried to take hold of my living space. Instead of getting too upset, AF and I are looking at it as a fine opportunity to delve back into Apartment Therapy. This time, by necessity, we are starting in the bedroom...If you go by the book, the bedroom doesn't get any play until week 7.

So far, we've thrown out a dresser and an armoire. I've lightened my yarn load by dashing some acrylic yarns that were stored under the bed. Tonight, I will try to get rid of even more clothing. But, the hardest hit victim has been our bed itself. Though it is only four months old, we were forced to part with the well-crafted backboard. With any luck, once we lighten our load and eradicate our unwanted guests, we will get a new backboard fitting of the new decor.

If your apartment is in need of therapy, check out the upcoming cure.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my california vacation...

In case anyone was wondering, I had a great time in Sacramento...I've actually been back for two weeks, now.

After a marathon flight (via Charlotte and Las Vegas), I was glad to see Maya at the airport. Somehow, we managed to stay up 'til 4am that first night. I was feeling exceptionally good for being awake over 24 hours!

Thursday, we spent the morning at a cafe. Maya did some work, while I worked on the Log Cabin Blanket. I had finished one square on the plane, and was well into another by the time we left the cafe. We then went to lunch with some of Maya's friends. After lunch, we visited Rumpelstiltskin to buy some yarn and needles. It was a cute little store, but the stock at the time was a little limited. Maya and I decided that we would make Roza's Socks as a knit along.

Friday morning, we started packing up for our weekend at Oz Farm in Mendocino. For Maya's birthday, went spent the weekend in a domes structure that the farm rents. That's right, we spent a few days in a geodesic dome! The setting was awesome, looking out over an open field.

Oh, and there was also knitting to be had!

That's Laura, who got a crash course in knitting. She picked it up like a natural!