Thursday, August 16, 2007

the cure: re-visited

By no fault of my own, something has tried to take hold of my living space. Instead of getting too upset, AF and I are looking at it as a fine opportunity to delve back into Apartment Therapy. This time, by necessity, we are starting in the bedroom...If you go by the book, the bedroom doesn't get any play until week 7.

So far, we've thrown out a dresser and an armoire. I've lightened my yarn load by dashing some acrylic yarns that were stored under the bed. Tonight, I will try to get rid of even more clothing. But, the hardest hit victim has been our bed itself. Though it is only four months old, we were forced to part with the well-crafted backboard. With any luck, once we lighten our load and eradicate our unwanted guests, we will get a new backboard fitting of the new decor.

If your apartment is in need of therapy, check out the upcoming cure.

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