Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what's up next?

With only 3 more blocks to knit for the Log Cabin blanket, I'm already starting to get an itch to start another project. Plus, once I finish knitting the squares, I'll need a new project to take with me on the bus. Even though I'm tempted by things such as Oslo, Bridges, and Geneva, I think I should stick to my original line-up for the year. So, next up will be Starsky! I've wanted to make this sweater since it was first released, and it looks like it could be the perfect early-fall addition to my wardrobe.

In other news, my friend Maya is spending the fall in DC! She arrives tomorrow. I'll be cleaning up the apartment tonight, so that AF and I don't look like complete slobs...I hope she remembers to bring the socks we started in Cali.


Maya said...

Of course I remembered the socks! Pattern is a different story, but I think you have the issue...

shannon said...

YAY! Gonna talk her into doing derby?

How are ya!