Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of slogs and socks…

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting since the new year, but I don’t have too much to show for it. Why? Because I had to do a lot of ripping. That’s why!

Right after the new year, I started Hush-Hush. After having this project in my queue for nearly four years, I thought this would be the year to knit it.I cast on using size 3 needles, as recommended in the pattern, but quickly decided that the lace pattern looked too big. At that point,I had knit about 10 rows. No big deal. So, I started again using size 2 needles. The lace looked much better. Once I go to the body of the dress, I stuck with the size 2 needles. Things were flying...Or, so I thought. I made it through 3 decreases, about 30 rounds, then decided to try it on. Unfortunately, I could tell that it would be much too big.

I decided to rip all the way back to the lace pattern, and work the body with size 1 needles...Except I didn't own size 1 needles, so they would need to be ordered.

While I waited for the new needles, I started a project that I knew I could make quick progress and still put down at any point. I opted to start a pair of Jaywalkers. I quickly made it through the first sock before my new needles came.

Now that I have the size 1 needles, I realize that the knitting is much slower. I have only completed 5 rounds in the last week. I have miles and miles of stockinette to go before this is finished. I recent found out that my SIL is expecting her first baby. I will most likely knit a blanket for the occasion...just nothing as intense as the Log Cabin from last year. I have also become quite fascinated by Cable Luxe Tunic. I am officially naming 2008 the Year of the Slog.


Moxie said...

The cable luxe is very pretty!

shannon said...

Howdy! How has life treating you?