Friday, January 21, 2005

chocolate-cherry goodness...

Sometimes, finishing is so boring! I'm slowly seaming my BF's sweater. So far, I have done the shoulder seams...which, as it turns out, are pretty tricky for saddle shoulders. I have also basted the front pieces together before I install a separating zipper. There are still a few weeks before I plan on giving this gift, so no need to worry.

In the meanwhile, I have started my first new project of 2005...Last weekend, I took the time to turn this:

into this:

The yarn is really soft and the colors are even better than I expected. And, soon, I hope it becomes this! Yup, I finally started Clapotis! I wanted something that was portable and quick to knit. It's supposed to snow this, much progress should be made.

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Lynette said...

lovely, lovely colors! did you get it from lotusblossom? i bought that exact color two years' back. a clapotis sounds like a nice idea.