Thursday, July 14, 2005

big bad baby boredom...

I picked up B^4 the other day after a two week hiatus. Once I realized that I wouldn't be able to complete the project in time for the baby shower, I lost motivation. I told the mother-to-be that I was knitting something else, but didn't mention that it was a blanket. I didn't want to ruin the surprise,and I had just seen her showered with several gift, including some of the softest baby blankets in the world.

This week, I received a thank you card from the parents-to-be. That was just the motivation I needed to return to knitting B^4. Don't get me wrong, I love the project. The best part of this blanket is its simplicity. You get a marvelous looking blanket using such simple stitches. At the same time, the worst is its simplicity! I had run amuck with so much stockinette and reverse stockinette. But, I'm getting back on track.

As of this morning, I still have 10 rows of the body and 20 rows of border to complete. I have decided to continue bringing this project with me to work...which, of course, sucks when it's 90+ degrees out. But, I'm truly focused finishing, and will not begin another project until this one is off the needles.

So, what have I learned? 1) Allow as much time as possible to complete B^4, or any other large, repetitive piece that is meant to be a gift. 2) To maintain interest and motivation, the next baby blanket I make as a gift will be a little more involved. 3) Don't knit large pieces on the bus in the middle of a DC summer!

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