Friday, May 05, 2006

i just need a little motivation...

It seems that I can't obsess over more than one activity at a time. For the last few years, knitting has had nearly all of my attention. Lately, as I've mentioned, knitting has taken a back seat. Last week, I finished a sock and had no interest in starting the second one. I don't foresee myself wearing wool socks this summer, now matter how many fashion spreads are showing women wearing socks with strappy heels!

So, how does a rollerskating, wedding-obsessed knitter get back into the swing of things? She starts a wedding-related knit project, naturally!

This morning, I had an itch to start something new. I opened up the cabinet to the stash, and staring back at me was the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk that I bought from Elann back in March. I bought it knowing that I would knit a shawl to wear on my wedding day. The shawl of choice is the Lotus Blossom Shawl from Fiddlesticks. I casted on right before leaving the house, and the rows are going by pretty fast, but I'm pretty sure that won't last long. This shawl is worked top-down, starting with 3 stitches and increasing to create a triangle.

I'm also excited because this will put me back on track for my 1st 6 of '06 that has gone neglected. One of the items on that list was to knit a shawl. Originally, I was going to choose from either the Flower Basket Shawl or Ene's Scarf.

Oh well, I hope everyone has a good weekend...Happy Knitting!

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sturdygirl said...

awesome! i didn't knit anything for myself for the wedding, and i really wish i had. good luck with your shawl! can't wait to see pix.