Tuesday, October 24, 2006

back to normal?

Not yet, but soon.

The wedding is over, and everything went very well. However, the work isn't done yet. There are still a few bills to settle, notes to write, name change, pictures to go through, etc. It's good to be home, but the apartment still looks like a cyclone hit it. My apartment management company is changing the windows in the entire building. So, we haven't put much effort into putting stuff away because we have to move all of the furniture for them to do their work. Our apt should be done this week, and I already have an apartment improvement plan in mind.

I have started knitting again. I had wanted to take a small project with me on our honeymoon, but I never had time to put anything together. I'm glad I didn't. Once I got to the airport, British Airways had signs clearly stating that knitting needles were not permitted on flights through London.

Right now, I'm working on a scarf for myself. And, I've managed to finish a small project that will remain secret for a couple more days. Once I'm done with the scarf, I think I will devote a lot of my time to UFOs. Also, by the end of the month, I need to decide if there will be any holiday knitting/craftiness.

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