Monday, November 06, 2006

the cure week 2.0

We're done with week 1. Yesterday, we walked through the apartment and made a list of things that need to be fixed. Thankfully, we won't need to do most of these ourselves. We'll probably ask the management company to take care of most of them.

We decided that the best object to get rid of was our old vacuum cleaner. We received a nicer one as a wedding gift. So, I put a sign on the old one, along with the rest of the bags that we had for it, and AF put it down in the trash room. Hopefully someone in the building will see it down there and get some use out of it. Everything else that we decide to give up will be dropped off at the Salvation Army. The old stereo gets to stick around a little longer. Every time AF says he's okay with getting rid of it, he finds some new excuse why he feels like he should hold onto it.

This Week's Assignment:
1. Fix one thing in your apartment yourself
2. Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.
3. Buy a water filter and use it
1. Run your hands over every wall in your apartment
2. Clear space for an Outbox
3. Clear one surface and use the Outbox
1. Buy fresh flowers
2. Determine your style.
1. Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home
2. Choose a date for your housewarming

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