Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the cure week 3.0

I successfully finished everything in week 2 by Saturday at 9am. I finished cleaning the kitchen while waiting for groceries to be delivered on Friday evening. I went through the last two cabinets and put some seldom-used storage containers and baking sheets in the out box. Saturday morning, I cleaned and wiped down all of the counter surfaces again. In the two weeks of working on the kitchen, I have created two outboxes. So far, I haven't needed to pull anything out of the outbox.

This Week's Assignment:
1. Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout apartment
2. Clean your entrance and related closets
3. Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next 3 weeks
1. Declutter your entrance
2. Move all old mail, catalogs, and magazines to the Outbox
3. Look into what you need to create a Landing Strip
4. Cancel unused subscriptions
1. Identify cool rooms and warm rooms
2. Apply the 80/20 color rule
1. Cook two meals at home
In order to keep the momentum going, I went straight into week 3. This week's focus is the entryway. AF and I are lucky in that we have a distinct foyer in our apartment. Unfortunately, we're lacking the items in the foyer that will make the space useful. I know that I want to add a bench to this area, so AF can take off his dirty boots right inside the door instead of tracking dirt all the way to the sunroom. I would also like to have some hooks for guests' coats and lighter jackets.

I started by emptying the bookshelf that is already in the foyer, and moving it into the far corner. This should make more room for a bench. I was also able to weed through the books and magazines from the bookshelf. A lot of the magazines went in the trash, but the books are sitting in an Outbox.

We have decided to forego the "housewarming" party. AF will be working every Saturday for an indefinite time...I'm going to continue the apartment therapy, but I won't stress myself out by adding party planning to the mix.

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