Thursday, February 22, 2007

call & response...

I started writing a response a comment to my last post (left by Jessi). Once I saw it was getting a little long, I figured I’d just turn it into today’s post:

I also think I might have a sizing issue. I was really disappointed that the pattern is written in such limited sizes. I'm working on the 34" size, which should be okay, but very fitted. The next size is 38", which would be much too big. I'm sure I could have add more repeats of the Berry pattern to get an inch or two larger, but then I would have to work out the shoulder shaping.

I really like Swish. The yarn is pretty soft on the hands, and is kind of springy. I’ve never worked with Wool of the Andes, but this stuff has a lot of give. With any luck, I will be able to block the pieces out and get an extra inch in the bust.

I picked the color to fit in with my wardrobe. I wanted a neutral color that fits with my standard black and blue, but didn't want to worry about stains or it getting dingy. I’m pretty set in my ways, and gave little thought to joining Project Spectrum.

Also, Jessi, sorry that your Aran Tee didn't turn out the way you wanted.

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Jessi said...

Thanks for your response! It makes me feel so special :)
I may try to make this again--I also made the 34" size, to fit my 35" body--and maybe I'll make it a little larger next time. It just took so long the first time that I can't bring myself to sit down and try it again for a while.
I also find myself making things in the same color family quite a bit. Project Spectrum sounds fun, maybe I'll look into it for future pieces that I make.