Tuesday, February 13, 2007

more cables...

I have decided to shelve my Gatsby Girl Pullover for a while. I know I said that I would complete all of my 2006 UFOs before starting my 1st seven, but I just couldn't bear to know any more 1x1 ribbing. I still love the pattern, and think that the yarn is perfect for it...I just need a little space. In the end, I will most likely substitute one of the 1st seven for this project. It may be cheating, but I'm not buying any new yarn (yet).

With nothing else on the needles, I turned to my list and chose the Michael Kors Aran Tee as my first new project for 2007! This pattern is from the Holiday 2005 Vogue Knitting. If it weren't for this pattern, I might not have bought the issue. I knew that I would never get to knit it in the Plymouth Royal Cashmere recommended by the pattern. (At $32 a skein, times 9 skeins, I might as well go out and buy an MK sweater). But, I also knew there would be a ton of substitutions available.

My version will be a bit more practical. I'm using Knitpick's Swish. I bought it last year to make a baby sweater. Even though I only needed two skeins I bought ten so I could get free shipping! Cast on Friday morning, and have been flying through the rows every since.

The patterns are a lot easier than they appear. The trickest part has been remembering to put the bobble in the middle of the diamond motif. I have made a couple of small mistakes, but figure I will live with them since they are on the back. I will be much more careful when I start the front.

The yarn is great, and shows the stitch patterns really well. I've heard that the yarn tend to shrink when you machine dry it, but I don't really plan on throwing this piece in the dryer. I can't believe it has taken me two years to start this project.

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