Thursday, April 05, 2007

out, but not down...

I decided that I would continue to knit the Sock Madness socks, even though I'm not in the competition any more. I restarted the week 2 sock last Wednesday after finding a more suitable yarn, and managed to finish them in about week...Not too shabby!

I finished these yesterday afternoon, just in time for the release of the Week 3 pattern. I'm not all the crazy about the idea of a sock with cuffs...I don't imagine they will make my legs look all that flattering. But, I'm still going to knit them. I'm making mine in a solid color, though. So far, I have knit one of the borders. I'm going to make both before picking up stitches for the sock.

Since, I'm no longer competing, my goal is to finish these before the next pattern is released.


hillary said...

Love the way your Madtini's came out. I didn't realize before that you were local. Felicia & I are in NOVA.

Quail Hill Knits said...

I lovre the color of your socks. What was the yarn name and brand?