Monday, March 26, 2007

sock madness...I'm out.

First, I want to congratulate Kellie for moving on to the nest round! She completed the 2nd pattern just over two days.

Unfortunately, my endeavour wasn't nearly as successful. I seemed to have a lot of things going against me this round. First, there were lots of time obligations -- practice the night that the pattern was released, a dinner Friday night, and general business all day Saturday. By the time I had more than 10 minutes to sit and knit, it was Sunday morning. At that point I had made it only to the heel of sock #1. But, I kept knitting.

I had decided to make this sock using Elann's Esprit yarn, since I already had it in my stash. I even took time to do a swatch last week, and everything looked good. Well, after turning the heel of sock #1, I thought I'd try it on. That's when I decided to throw in the towel. I couldn't even get the sock onto my foot. It was just too tight. I think I would need to go up a couple of needle sizes for it to work out.

I'm out of the competition, but I'm still going to knit the socks. I looked through the stash and have a couple of other yarn possibilities. Maybe I can even finish before the next round begins.


Kellie said...

awww, bummer that your sock was too tight! I figured life must have gotten in the way for you. I don't think I'll get past this round, there are some scarily fast knitters out there! Enjoy the rest of the patterns - so far they have been fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Life definitely took it's toll...but in the end, I'm blaming it more on my gauge issue.