Tuesday, March 06, 2007

one more sleeve...

That's how much knitting is left on my Aran Tee! After getting a little frustrated by my sewing project (and running out of fabric), I clear the deck and relaxed with some knitting. Unfortunately, I became very frustrated with the knitting once I got to the front neck shaping. It took about 6 attempts to knit the neck before I realized that I would need to write out instructions for each row, including a stitch count for each row. For some reason, I just couldn't get the berry stitch pattern to work once I started making decreases at the neck.

It's going to be another busy week chez needleGirl if I'm going to finish this sweater and my sewing project before the start of Sock Madness. Now that I have more fabric, tonight is going to be devoted to sewing. Hopefully, there will be some extra time later in the week to block the Aran Tee.

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