Tuesday, March 13, 2007

round one...done.

Due to severe illness, I was home sick yesterday. On a positive note, I was able to finish my Mad Cow Socks.

The first pattern was very straight-forward. I think yarn selection really makes this sock special. Thankfully, I had the right yarns already in my stash. Mine are made of Patons Kroy (hunter green) and Knit Picks (Redwood Forest), using size 2 needles. This was my first sock with short row heels...definitely something I could use more practice executing. I made them top-down because I didn't want to stress about how to do the toe and the heel. I am pleased with how they turned out.

I'm not sure what round two will bring. I'm pretty sure I can't afford to take too much time off just to knit socks. Plus, there are some super speedy knitters out there. When I checked the Sock Madness site on Sunday morning, there were already people posting finished socks!


shannon said...

I love those socks!!

Kellie said...

Hi there! Just checking in from Sock Madness - i think we are probably going to be paired in the Round 2 knit off. Looks like you are probably as busy as I am (full time work, toddler, husband - ack!!), and I have already passed my novice sock maker level of comfort (i.e. straight stockinette, lol) so this'll be interesting!! Love your Round 1 socks - superb colours!