Wednesday, April 21, 2004

get on the bus...

I ride the bus to work every morning and have made knitting an integral part of my travels. Usually I'm able to get a seat within the first 3 stops and can squeeze in a good amount of knitting since I usually ride to the end of my busline. As you might imagine, I get a lot of looks and every once in a while I even get a comment or question.

Today, the woman sitting next to me commented, "I used to know how to do that when I was little." I gave here a fairly plain response, "Really?" She then said, "Yeah, but I never knew how to end it..." I was just tickled when I heard that! I just pictured a young girl (or woman) knitting infinitely...not knowing how or when to call it quits. There was something really profound and humorous about the way she said it.

Since picking up the needles again, I've been knitting continuously on one project or another. And, although I know how to "end" a piece, the knitting itself never ends. As soon as something is done, I already have a few things that I know I want to make. There's also the fact that I have had things go badly (like the poncho) that I must frog and begin again. You tell me, do you know how to make your knitting end?

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