Tuesday, April 13, 2004

needle frenzy...

Last year when I bought my Denise needles, I thought that I was set for life. And, I've used them faithfully for almost every project I've made ever since. Well, the streak has ended.

This weekend I wanted to make sure I have everything to start Rosa, so I can take it all with me on vacation in a couple of weeks. The pattern asks for size US1, US2, and 2/3 (3.0 mm) needles. Hmm...I've never taken on the challenge of knitting anything beaded, much less at such a small gauge. So, I made my first attempt at a swatch. I had a pair of size 2 & 3 that I inherited from a co-worker. Well, the size 2 swatch was much to tight (6 st per inch) while the size 3 (3.25 mm) is a little too loose (7.5 st per inch). So, once again I found myself in the market for new needles.

So, I have ordered some Inox circulars from FuzzyMabel and with any luck I'll get them early next week. Normally, I would just hike out to the closest AC Moore and get the dependable Susan Bates needles, but I've heard some good things about these. And, since they're circular, it should be easier to knit on the plane without elbowing neighbors. I ordered all three sizes.

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