Thursday, April 08, 2004

left, front...done!

I finished this morning just before leaving for work. I just had to do it.

Of course, I just had to change a couple of things. The original pattern has you bind off 19 stitches at the center for a neck line. Well, I didn't like the idea of such a large vertical neckline. Also, the original instructions leave a different number of stitches for the front and back shoulders. So, I decided to bind off bind off 6 st on the 1st wrong side row, 5 on the next, and then decrease 1 st at the neckline of each of the next 4 rows. This is a total of 15 st, leaving 19 for the shoulders. So, the neckline is a nice round curve. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to snap a picture.

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