Thursday, July 22, 2004

c'est trop petit...

I finished the top to mon petit chou yesterday and decided to try it on before adding the ribbon. Using a piece of yarn, I laced up the front. Well, she's just a bit too snug for my liking! I made the size to fit a 34" ribcage, even though mine is barely 32". So, the only thing I can think is that my gauge must be way off.

I am, in some ways, determined to make this pattern work. I think it's just so cute. So, once I get back from my weekend in Florida I'm going to frog the bra and try again. I'll also go back an re-check my gauge before casting on for this one. On the bright side, the pattern does work up quickly so i'm not overwhelmed by restarting. I think this has been a really good project to work on. The lace pattern and short rows are a good challenge, but it's not so big that I want to throw in the towel.

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