Monday, June 06, 2005

BBBC moves into phase II...

After many more hours than expected, I have completed the Child's Placket-Neck Pullover. Friday night, I cast on and knit the second sleeve while watching Finding Neverland. It took almost the entire movie for me to make a 6.5" long sleeve!

Saturday, I made it my goal for the day to finish this sweater. Nothing else mattered...not eating, showering, or leaving the apartment. I got up around 8am and started joining the sleeves to the body. Once I started the decreases, I thought I was homefree. So, I went upstairs to the neighbors apartment and watched Emma while working the yoke. I was rather disappointed that I wasn't able to finish the sweater while watching a 2-hour movie! Feeling a little defeated, I figured I would give in to showering and jump back into things refreshed.

Finally, at around 4pm, I had cast off. The sweater is pretty cute and well worth the time I put into it. I would never say that it could be knit in under 10 hours. However, I would still consider this a last-minute gift since it can be completed in under a week. Admiring my work, I decided to give my fingers a rest Saturday evening. But, I wasted no time Sunday morning.

First I swatched the variegated yarn that I bought last week. I wasn't looking for gauge in this case. I wanted to see how the colors might line up. I was trying to decide whether to use the variegated yarn for the border to B^4, or to use it for part of the main body of the blanket. Alone the variegated pattern looked kind of freaky, but with a solid border next to it, it calmed down a little. For now, my plan is to make the border and half of the body using the same color green as the sweater. The other two "blocks" will be done in the variegated colorway.

With my plan of attack in place, I cast on 160 stitches for the blanket. I got about an inch into the border, while watching Garden State. And, later completed the bottom border while finishing Love Actually.

(Okay, in case you weren't counting, that makes it a 4-movie weekend.)


Maya said...

That's a lot of movies. I watched Emma the other day too. I completed no knitting. Any advice on how to keep a ribbon yarn flat?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no advice on ribbon yarns. I've only used the stuff once and hated every minute of it. Actually, I've never even worn the shell that I made! It's in the pile of FOs that need to be ripped.

dlishtrish said...

What, no pictures? ;) How was Finding Neverland?

How to keep ribbon yarn flat - wrap it on a spool. Leave it. That's probably not the advice she wanted though. I think you just need to accept that it's not going to be perfect and learn to love the imperfections of using it to create things.

Anonymous said...

Finding Neverland was excellent...and very cute. Plus, I <3 Johnny Depp!

Maya said...

Yeah, my yarn is already wrapped on a spool. I am going to create a little contraption for keeping the yarn flat this weekend. If I make them cute enough, maybe other people will want them as well. I'm going for portability too.

I suppose it's not really a "ribbon yarn," more of a tape. But the problem is the same. Twisty twisty.