Thursday, June 02, 2005

in other news...

I'm very close to finishing Toledo. I actually finished knitting the second piece on Friday. I also blocked the pieces over the weekend.

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I have also done the garter stitch borders around the neck and sleeves. All that remains is seaming the sides and weaving in a few more of the loose ends. Perhaps I'll have something new to wear this weekend!

Here's a close-up of the neck:
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And, the bottom boarder:
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Also, before I was invited to the baby shower, I had started swatching for Posy.
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The lace pattern is fairly simple. It's made up of a 10 row repeat, and you purl all wrong side rows. Hopefully, I will be able to memorize the pattern quickly. I plan on using "lifelines" for this project. Since I will be working with black yarn, I think that will help me keep my place while knitting the lace.

Oh well, I will start Posy once I finish the BBBC. Or sooner, if I find that I can't take the B^4 on the bus.

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Rachel T said...

It looks good. Lace is easy once you get into the swing of it. Stitch markers are essential and life lines are good. I recently finished a large section of lace and the biggest help was that it was symmetrical, so I could say, oh, that was A on that side, so it'll be B here.