Thursday, June 23, 2005

i'm knitting as fast as i can...

But, I'm still coming up short. I've been knitting every free second that I have had this week! As of this morning b^4 is 21" long. That means that I have to knit 9" between now and Friday evening to even have a chance! And, even then, I probably won't have enough time to give the sucker a good blocking.

Frustrated? Yeah, I'm F*#KING frustrated! I guess this is where I should start formulating Plan B. (I hate resorting to a backup plan, but sometimes there's just no other choice). So, Friday, I will be taking the Metro out to the 'burbs. There's a Toys'RUs in the same strip as the A.C.Moore...So, I'll be picking up a few small baby gifts to go with the sweater, and I will mail the blanket once it's done. Since, I didn't spend much on the yarn for the blanket, I don't feel too bad about buying so little gifties.

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Maya said...

Where did you go? Everything done?