Tuesday, August 30, 2005

another endurance challenge...

I'm thinking of starting a project that could very well consume all of my knitting time from now through November (or longer). My brother and his wife are expecting their first child in late-November. They know that they are having a boy. And, from what I understand, they have starting talking about names, but affectionately refer him as Boy...I guess you would have to know my brother.

Anyway, when they got married this spring, they said they didn't want gifts. Part of me wanted to get them something, but nothing on their registry screams for me to buy it. So, I'm thinking I'd like to do something special for Boy. How special, you might ask...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com*

How about Debbie Bliss' Alphabet Block Baby Blanket special? I've been thinking about this for a while. Heck, I've even bought the book already. The entire body of the blanket is charted out over something like 4 pages. Then the border is knit onto the body. I think this will hold my interest a little better than making another B^4.

The blanket is knit with Wool/Cotton, which I guess is (being) discontinued. Both WEBS and Jimmy Beans still have some in stock. I should order the yarn soon, and plan on starting once Posy hits the blocking board.

*Oh, and, it's completely possible that Boy will look like the child in this picture. My mom loves to tell everyone about how my bro was born with a full head of curly hair.


Maya said...

Hey! It's new over here!

You weren't born with a full head of curly hair? I was. My sister was mostly bald though. Funny how that shakes out.

needleGirl said...

hmm...i'm pretty sure i had hair when i was born, too. i think my mom likes to talk about my brothers hair more simply because he was a boy with a lot of hair.