Wednesday, August 10, 2005

non-knitting news...

I'm not sure what happened. Once I finished B^4, my knitting streak was broken. I had been knitting daily for the last few years. But, somehow, the flame blew out. Now, before this starts to sound too negative, I'd like to say that there has been some knitting. Just not much.

I've been driven to distraction by another project, of sorts. Since the wedding I attended in the spring, there's been a lot of buzz in my BF's family. His step-brother is getting married in October...leaving my BF and his younger brother as the single siblings. Well, his mom set her sights on us as her next project. Yup, she's ready for us to get married. At first, it felt kind of like she was meddling...But, over the last few months, I could tell that BF was getting very excited. So excited that he just couldn't keep it to himself. (BTW, my BF can't keep a secret to save his life!)

Then,at the end of June, BF's mom gave him her mother's engagement ring. I know this, because he told me, and he showed it to me. (Really, he can't keep a secret) But, he didn't propose when he showed me the ring. Nope. Another month went by.

Well, two weekends ago, it happened. The two of us rented a cabin near Shenandoah, and he "popped the question"!


Maya said...

That is too cute about the ring. Funny.

Rachel T said...

Well, congratulations. Image what you can justify knitting now!!!