Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a day off...

Yesterday, I took a much needed break from working on AB^3. I have been working on it for a little over two week. Plus, I had a pile of laundry to do so that I could pack for this weekend's trip...I would hate to make any mistakes while running back and forth to the laundry machine. So, with just one more set of "blocks" to go, I decided to rest for a night.

AB^3 will be the main project that I work on in the car...but, I'm thinking of bringing another, so that I feel like I have some variety. I'll probably bring the circular shrug with me. I'm making the body of mine in brioche stitch. It looks like a big chunky rib pattern that has been blocked out, and it doesn't stretch as much. I have about half of the body knit...I'm going to add the 2x2 rib border once I have finished the body. That way it will truly be circular.

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