Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the end is near...

I made some really good progress on AB^3 this weekend. I was able to finish the body of the blanket on the ride to and from Charlotte. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the pattern book with me, so I wasn't able to start on the borders. The body took just under 8 balls of yarn to complete.

Here's the entire body of the blanket:

And, a close-up:

I had yesterday off, so I focused on the boarder. The border is made up of a 12-row chevron pattern and then several triangles formed using short rows. Here are the first few triangles along the top boarder.

The 12 row pattern went by pretty quickly, but the triangles are killer! It took me hours just to finish the bottom boarder. I completed the entire top border, then realized that I hadn't switched to smaller needles, as the pattern directs, so the triangles are kind of floppy. I go back and fix that problem after I've done the other 3 sides.

Now that I'm done with the body,I think I'll start taking this with me to work. I would love to finish AB^3 this week so I can get it to my bro and SIL soon.

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