Friday, October 21, 2005

progress report...

It's been a really slow week for me. The changing weather has really been hard on me. There's something very, very wrong about suddenly having to leaving the house in the morning when the sun is just rising. This happens to many every year at about this time. I usually only lasts a couple of weeks...So, for now, I'm a little SAD.

I have finished the border for AB^3. Well, kind of...I'm not sure if I have it in me to re-knit the first edge. The one that I forgot to switch from size 3 to size 1 needles. I could probably leave it as is without anyone noticing. If I decide to leave it alone, I can seam the corners and block the beast tomorrow, and have this project finished this weekend!

I started working on the leaf cravat again, and I'm zipping along. When I started this project, I just wanted something small to take with me on the bus to work. I don't actually need a scarf. In the end, I will most likely give this to a friend whose birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Finally, I have two other project sitting on the back burner. Posy is still waiting to be seamed. I pushed her aside in order to complete AB^3. And, the circular shrug hasn't been touched in a couple of weeks. It seems that brioche stitch is only slightly more interesting than knitting 1x1 rib.

I'm looking forward to clearing out all of my WIPs, so I can start a sweater.

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