Wednesday, December 21, 2005

happy holidays...

I'm really enjoying this holiday season, and I think I know why...No knitted gifts this year! Yup, I just been able to enjoy the season.

I finished the two stockings for AF and I...just haven't figured out where to hang them. I have until Sunday. I got AF a couple of small gifts this year. Instead of wrapping them, I will put them in his stocking.

I haven't done much other knitting. Instead, I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I'm hoping to see the movie this weekend. I have 4 days off, so I should be able to fit it in. I'm also trying to get the last few boxes unpacked. Since AF and I are in an apartment, we're hoping to not do too much damage to the walls and such. So, we still have to make some decisions about whether to hang shelving on the walls, or to buy another bookshelf. Until we decide that, there will be a few boxes with odds and ends to figure out...sounds like a good time to go to IKEA!

Well, it's shaping up to be a very busy weekend. AF's family will be in town. We will be spending Christmas Eve with them. Then, we're going to my brother's house on Christmas day...I get to see my new nephew! (that sounds so weird) Then we will go back to AF's sister's house.

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