Wednesday, December 21, 2005

2nd annual yarn diet...

Moving has, once again, made me realize that my yarn stash is a bit larger than I would like it to be. The last apartment was full of closets, six to be exact. It was perfect for hiding storing things. My new place, on the other hand, has just enough closet space for two people. Well, AF and I aren't really two normal people. He has a collection of tools that has already occupied an entire closet. Plus, camping gear stealing away a third of another. So far, we have agreed that our clothes will share a walk-in closet in the hallway.

Guess where my yarn stash has been for the last the living room! Yup, I've got my big blue rubbermaid tub, busting at the seams, sitting in the way. It's just waiting for a new home. I also have other bits of yarn under my bed. Ideally, I will be able to make room in the hall closet for all of the yarn...but, it's looking kind of grim in there.

So, in another effort to thin things down, I contemplating another yarn diet. Last year, my diet lasted from January 1st, through my birthday. I need to think about whether I will do the same amount of time...My other thought is to tie it to the amount of my stash that I actually knit. For instance, the yarn diet will be over when I complete X number of projects using yarn from my stash.


Maya said...

Your yarn stash only fills one rubbermaid tub?

I'm impressed.

needleGirl said...

It take up more than one rubbermaid. That's just the portion that is in my living room. I guess the point is that I would love for it to all fit in one rubbermaid, and for that rubbermaid to not be a permanent fixture in the LR.