Wednesday, January 04, 2006

first seven of 2006...

Gee, that title would be a heck of a lot catchier if it were the "1st six of '06". What do you think? Would it be cheating to change the rules? Really, I've barely even started my yarn diet...Okay, six it is!

And, here's my list:

  • Branching Out
  • Lace Leaf Pullover
  • My 1st Socks (technically a UFO, but I might start over)
  • Crinkle
  • Butterfly
  • My 1st Shawl -- either Flower Basket or Ene's Scarf

    I'm not sure what order I will knit these in...I guess I'll decide as I go along. I'm pretty sure that I have yarn for each of these projects already in my stash. If I start a project and find that my yarn isn't working out, I will start looking for another project to replace it. (Depending on what happens this week*, I might go ahead and swap one of these for another project that I have in mind.) No matter what, I will not buy more yarn until I have completed six projects.

    *I'm waiting for yarn that I ordered early in December, before I even started to think about another yarn diet. Hopefully, it's just a Holiday Season-related mail delay.

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