Friday, August 13, 2004

i know I should be patient...

I still haven't received my copy of the new Rowan magazine. When I signed up for the membership in the spring it took a while for me to get my gift and the spring issue, but I figured that was just because I subscribed after the issue had already been released. And, I figured that the next issue would come early, or at least as the same time that stores got their issues in stock.

Well, I've been scoping out some of the online yarn stores and my LYS. Some have the issue in stock for a couple weeks! Since I've already paid for the subscription I don't want to buy it in the store, but I'm really getting antsy. Everyday I keep hoping to see packages waiting for me when I get home from work. Along with this magazine, I'm also waiting for two Phildar magazines from Knit 'N' Tyme, and some Onde from Brieweb.

Since I'm trying to plan out my next few projects I'd like to get a chance to review the Rowan patterns and determine if I should include an early fall item. Perhaps this is a subscription that won't be renewed.

If you're a Rowan subscriber, let me know if you've received your new issue!

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