Monday, August 30, 2004

i don't like mondays...

I don't feel like I got enough time to enjoy the weekend. Which makes no sense because I had a very pleasant weekend. I had an old roommate from college (along with his wife) visiting this weekend. We went down to the WWII memorial, which I had not seen yet. I also went out to dinner with my parents last night. We went to a great Tex-Mex place. But by the end of the evening, I was exhausted and still feel tired this morning.

Oh well, in knitting news, I got to spend some time with mon petit chou. I have successfully finished the bottom front (again). This time was much better. The lace pattern worked like a charm, and my gauge was a lot better. I made the same size again but this time it was looked more like something that would cover me. I wish I hadn't ripped my first attempt so that I could take a side-by-side picture because I would say it was half the size of the new one. I also started the bottom back. I had a little problem with the short rows but it looks fine...well good enough to not rip out.

Still no packages over the weekend. To call me antsy would be an understatement! I am still cautiously optimistic that it will come before we leave on the trip Friday. I do have a back-up plan...Thanks to ChicKnits! I was so excite when Bonnie Marie was offering a new pattern, the lovely Lacey Poncho. So, I'll be pulling out some yarn from the stash and swatching for this lovely. With a simple 8 row pattern repeat, this should make perfect car knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I hate waiting for the goodies in the mail...I speak as a fellow waiter. The poncho of BM is very cute so hurry and make that! It'll take your mind off the other thing.