Wednesday, September 01, 2004

swatch me now...

Since I'm leaving for a 10 hour drive on Friday, I had to hurry up and choose a project for the road. Since there's still no sign of my Phildar products, I decided to go through the other projects that I've been wanting to start. And, the Lacey Poncho is an obvious choice. It's still really warm here in DC, and It probably won't get too cold until late September, so I should get some good use out of this wrap.

Yesterday I swatched. I did one at lunch using size 8 needles. It was alright but a little wider than the suggested gauge. I could also tell that the lacey pattern was pretty loose and wouldn't stand up to the weight of the garment. So, I swatched again after dinner. This is result:

The swatch looks much better in real life, trust me. I'm using some Paton's Cotton DK that I had in my stash and size 7 needles. I'm hoping to cast on Friday morning before I get in the car. And, hopefully, I'll be able to knit one half on the way to Michigan and the other on the way back...Nothing like setting goals high!

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