Friday, September 24, 2004

i just couldn't help myself...

I know that I should go ahead and start my dad's sweater...But after I finished the second panel of my Lacy Poncho, the Rowan wool cotton that I bought last week just started calling to me. So, I've started Peggy. I cast on for the back yesterday morning before going to work. Then snuck in a few rows at lunch...a few more on the bus ride home...a few more while waiting for a friend to meet for happy hour...even more on the bus ride home after drinks. Well, I picked it up this morning and I was already 4 inches into it. The wool cotton has such a nice feel and it just flies of the needles.

One reason that I didn't start my dad's sweater is because the yarn isn't really portable. Remember, it's on a 4lb cone. Unfortunately, I don't have a ball winder and I don't really have the funds to buy one right now. Plus, I'm having a really hard time deciding what size to make him. My father is a fairly tall man. He usually has dress shirts custom ordered to make sure that the sleeves are long enough. At the same time, many casual shirts and sweaters that he buys seem fine. I would like to make this sweater a real surprise, so I don't want to ask him for measurements...So, the plan is to go visit my parents this weekend and sneak a peek into his closet. Just to check out what size he usually buys, you know? I'm also considering the possibility of "kidnapping" one of his sweaters a few weeks.

The start date for Kirk will be October 1st. It will be my "at home" project. While, Peggy will be my portable work-in-progress.

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