Monday, August 16, 2004

weekend recap...

In case no one noticed, I usually don't update my blog on the weekend. That's because I have a dial-up connection at home and just don't take the time to go online. It's also my time to catch up on knitting (duh). Since my BF sleeps late on the weekend, I usually get a couple of hours of knitting done while watching the Saturday morning cartoons or the Sunday news shows.

This weekend I got to concentrate on seaming. Rosa is almost ready to wear. I just have to finish the neck. If all goes well, that will be done tonight with pictures this week.

I also went back and re-seamed a tank that I had knit last summer. I had done the side seams with a crochet slip stitch. I think that made the seam too tight and it showed a little too much belly. So, I ripped it out and did it in mattress stitch. The tank seemed much longer. I also put a crochet edge around the straps so they laid a little flatter. All that and I got to wear it out Saturday night!

I also decided to take on mon petit chou (again). This time I'm using size 7 needles to compensate for my gauge issues. If you remember, when I made the bra top the first time, it was much too small. Hopefully the larger needles will add a little more give to the elastic.

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