Monday, October 18, 2004

it's been a slow week...

I've been cabling away at my dad's sweater in front of the TV at night. But, it's been a pretty slow process since I LOST my cable needle! That's right, one day last week, I came home and couldn't find it. I've checked under the sofa, between the cushions...even deep down in the sides. I still haven't found my cable needle. I have others but they are a much smaller gauge. I'll look again but if I haven't found it by this weekend, I might have to go buy another one.

So, I've been cabling with a straight needle instead. Thankfully, the cables come only every 8 rows. It gets the job done, but boy is it slow. I'm almost to the arm shaping of the back. I would love to have this piece done by the weekend...but that's mostly wishful thinking.

This is just the first of my X-mas knitting. I'm also going to knit a sweater for my BF...thankfully that doesn't need to be finished on Christmas. I just got a copy of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It's full of some nice looking, quick ideas. I'll probably pick a few of these projects to make for friends.

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