Thursday, April 21, 2005

cat meets dog...

Andrew and I have been wondering how Auggie would react to dogs. Actually, this is more for the benefit of his sister than anyone. She has a 1-year old schnauzer that she likes to take places. Not everywhere, but definitely to other people's houses. We would like for her and her fiance to be able to come visit and spend the night. At the same time, we don't want the little terror to completely freak Auggie out.

So, thanks to our upstairs neighbor, we were able to borrow a dog to conduct a little experiment.

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Nala is a 10-year old lab mix...She practically thinks she's a cat. The two got along just fine. Actually, once Nala drank all of Auggie's water, she had little interest in the apartment at all. She just wanted to go back outside and lay in the sun. Auggie, on the other hand, was quite fascinated and could have spent the rest of the day sniffing Nala from head to toe.


Maya said...

That is too damn cute.

When I got back from your place, Mitzie looked like a hulking giant compared to Auggie. I promptly put her on a stricter diet.

Anonymous said...

well, if it makes any difference, I took Auggie to the vet again on Saturday and she has already put on another poind in the last three weeks...bringing her to a stately 8lbs. Trust me, Andrew is doing everything he can to plump her up.