Wednesday, April 20, 2005

quiet. a little too quiet...

I've been chugging away with my SP4 project. I have completed the knitting segment of the exercise and have moved on to the crochet. Of course, this meant I had to make another trek out to the 'burbs when I found that I didn't have the correct size hook.

The knitting went fairly fast, especially for a piece knit with 4-ply. I need to block the pieces next. Unfortunately, the pattern that I'm working does not include any sort of schematics showing the finished measurements...Thankfully the shape isn't too complicated and I should be able to work it out easily. The crochet also moves pretty quickly. With any luck, I will have those portions done by Friday...Leaving the sewing for the weekend.

I can't wait to show the mixed media project!


Anonymous said...

You're way too motivated!! I'm knitting something for you!! But it's really small :P


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, this is also a small project...the differenct parts and the secrecy makes it seem more complicated!