Tuesday, December 14, 2004

getting in the holiday spirit...

I'm really starting to get excited for this holiday. Sunday afternoon my BF and went and got out Christmas tree. Last year, we got one from IKEA and it was great. This year when I called out local store they informed me that they would not be carrying trees this year...Of course, I was bummed. This year, I settled for a balsam fir from Home Depot.

Last night we put the tree up in the front window...(I hate to say, I'm a little less that impressed with my purchase)...The balsam fir is a fairly open tree so the three sets of lights that I had from last year seemed meager at best. I actually struggled with the lights for 45 minutes before deciding that the lights were "good enough." I might drop by CVS on the way home and get one more set so I can put lights on the back of the tree. Tonight, we'll put up the ornaments. I know that once they are up, it will look nice.

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