Thursday, December 09, 2004

wish i had something interesting to say...

The fact of the matter is that I don't have much to talk about. I've been slogging along on my mom's tree skirt. It's a really simple stockinette project...straight-forward and boring. I have managed to squeeze out 5 out of the 6 sections, and hope to have the last one done this weekend. Once I start sewing on the snowflake pattern, I'll try to put up some pix.

I have put off starting my boyfriends sweater. There's no way that it would be done in time for the 25th. That may seem a little cold since it's going to be his x-mas gift. But, we don't exchange gifts until after the new year anyway. I just want to get my mom's gift out of the way first, then plow through that project. I know I'll be able to have it done in time for Festivus (that's x-mas, annivesary, and Valentine's all wrapped into one).

Contemplating one more yarn purchase before I start my yarn diet. I've been bidding on some nice handpainted yarns on ebay but keep loosing. I would like to find a nice colorway to make Clapotis. I have a true envy of all the knitbloggers who have made this wrap. The pattern seems to turn out beautifully not matter what colors you use. Hopefully, I can find something in the next couple of weeks.


Maya said...

Want to hear my sob story?

The gusset I made for Zeeby's bag, the one I remade because I ran out of pink yarn?

It's too short. Luckily, I started sewing the whole thing together from the end of the gusset up, so I can un-bind it and knit some more gusset up.

Wasn't this thing supposed to be quick?

Nonetheless, it is very cute. If only I could finish the damn thing.

Maya said...

Oh yeah. I want to make Clapotis too.

But I will make it in some lightweight, impossible-to-knit-with yarn and I won't be done until next spring.

First, however, I will make the Womb.