Monday, December 27, 2004

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Now that Christmas is over, I have a picture of my dad wearing Kirk...

I was really glad to see that it fit him. I thought the sweater might have been a bit snug, but the ribbing has a lot of give. I sleeves look good in the picture, but my dad said that he might want them a little longer. He said he'll wear it a couple of times to see how much the entire sweater stretches. He absolutely loved it! I was so happy.

Unfortunately, my mom's tree skirt didn't turn out as well. Once I seamed the six pieces together, the darn thing wouldn't lay flat! The tips kept rolling up. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wash it again to see if I could reblock the entire thing. I was very disappointed, and was forced to go shopping last Thursday night for a "replacement" gift.

The ornaments turned out beautifully...My mom actually had to ask if I made them. She thought that I had bought them! My parents have a neighbor who crochets. She has croheted snowflakes that make a yearly appearance on the Christmas tree. Well, mom says that she's going to have to invite the neighbor over to see my ornaments to make her's that for Christmas spirit?

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