Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Two words...

Yarn Diet...The yarns I ordered for Christmas gifts has taken over the living room. I have tried putting some of it out of sights, temporarily living with the rest of my stash in the front hallway closet. Well, it seems that I have overgrown that area as well. This closest is a jumbles mess of coats and yarn, with a few odds and ends crammed in the corners.

I don't have the largest stash I've ever seen, but space is a premium for me right now. I have yarn for about 5 projects that will be started once the Christmas knitting is complete. I also have scraps leftover from finished projects. Then there's the unmentionables, mainly leftover from crochet afghans and such. I probably have enough of the yucky stuff to eke out small throw.

Since most of the complaints that I have around the apartment revolve around organization and space, I am announcing that one of my resolutions for 2005 will be to go on a yarn diet until my birthday. I wish I could say that a basic reorganization of the closet would solve my problem, but I think the situation needs more help. So, from January 1st through April 8th, I will stay away from buying new yarns. There is only two exceptions: 1) My BF's sister is getting married in May and I might knit them a gift; 2) If I actually complete all projects that I bought yarn for in 2004.

Of course before I start this diet, I might have to go on a binge!

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