Tuesday, February 22, 2005

extra long weekend...

It was really hard to come back to work this morning. Even though I didn't do anything really exciting with my last 5 days off, I really enjoyed doing "nothing".

I was able to finish knitting mon petit chou. All of the ends are woven in and the only thing left is go get the ribbon...I see a trip to the fabric store in the future. Sorry, ladies (and gentlemen), I will not be modeling this little number. :P

I also knit up a quick toy for the new kitten. My BF and I went to Petco to buy all of the cat supplies. We didn't buy too many toys at this point since the prices at Petco seemed a bit high, but I'm sure we'll buy more next time we go pick up food. Unfortunately, we didn't get to bring her home this weekend (read all about it).

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