Tuesday, February 22, 2005

open to suggestions...

My BF's sister is getting married in May, and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I graciously said yes, of course. So, since November, I have been waiting to see what style of dress I would be wearing. Finally, last weekend, she picked the dress.

She was in Florida (where the ceremony will be) and went to the bridal store to look for her gown...and, while she was at it, the bridesmaids dresses. She chose them herself, with input from her mom...but, none of the bridesmaids. The price was already reasonable, and they talked the shop into giving us 10% off since the entire wedding party will be shopping there. So, here's the dress:

Here's the catch...The color she chose is called Caribbean Blue. The wedding and reception are going to be on the beach, and I think I want to make a sweater or wrap that I can put on once the ceremony is over. This is where you come in...I need suggestions (both for color and style). I want something that will show off the dress but still keep me from shivering my butt off once the sun goes down.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the shrug from Knitty, the sparkly one


That would give you some coverage but not block the dress at all, plus you're probably more likely to wear it again than the dress!!


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of a shrug or bolero jacket...but not the glitter. Of course that is easy enough to change.

Maya said...

What about something like the ballet wrap? Was that in the spring interweave or something?

A dress with a band right across the hips--risky choice!

Kamala said...

I live in Florida. Where in the state is the wedding going to be? Because May it is warm at night. I would recommend a shawl.

Anonymous said...


The wedding is going to be just south of Daytona. I was there last year in late May and remember it being warm during the day and a bit cooler at night.

It's definitely a toss up at this point.

Anonymous said...

Maya, I agree about the style of dress. I'm really not a big fan of the sash and dropped waist.

I do like the idea of a ballet wrap, but the one that is in Interweave might not be good for the wedding because you still have to put in on over your head...But, I still want to make it!