Wednesday, February 09, 2005

under the weather...

there's a bug going around DC right now, and I think I'm next on the hit list. Yesterday night, my BF got home from his apprenticeship class looking like death warmed over. He told me that he had felt so bad that he left work after only 2 hours. He went home and slept, eating next to nothing all day. Thankfully, we had made some chicken soup for dinner the night before...I made him have a bowl of that and then put him to sleep for the night. Also, two of my co-workers were off yesterday, one more called in sick today...and there are waves of coughing up and down the hall.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit sluggish but now too bad. Well, now that I'm at work, I can feel the sickness taking hold. I feel almost like a sitting duck.

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Maya said...

I think it's sweeping the country. Good news is, you'll be back to normal in a week. It's a brief but brutal virus. At least, if it's the one I had.