Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In case you need some proof that I really am a knitter, I thought I would go ahead an post some pictures. Now, remember, that Posy is being knit in these aren't the best quality. But, if you squint a little, you can make out the stitch pattern.

Here's the cast on edge:

Image hosted by

A sleeve cap:
Image hosted by

and, the back neckline:
Image hosted by

I just started the armhole shaping this morning. Just 32 rows until I start the neck shaping!

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you'd be interested in selling the Silk City perle 3/2 cotton cone in Henna that you purchased from Elann if you still have it. I can't finish a project I started because I'm a little short of this yarn. Please e-mail me either way. Thanks!