Thursday, November 18, 2004

a gold-studded holiday...

I just couldn't help myself. I had to order more yarn. But, it's for my Mom's Christmas present. Since I'm done with my Dad's sweater early, I have time to do some more holiday knitting. (Putting a picture up is still on my list of things to do). Anyway, I've decided to knit her a tree skirt. I found this pattern and plan to make the tree skirt but probably not the matching stocking.

Last year I knit her Sitcom Chic. She liked the sweater because the arms were short and she doesn't need to roll them. But, she said it was too warm. (I think it's the hot flashes). This way she gets something special and I don't have to worry about it being the wrong size or making her too warm.

A few years ago my Mom started switching to a very simple gold and winter white motif for her tree, once it seemed certain that my brother and I aren't going to be around to decorate the tree for her...leaving behind most of the ornaments that she had acquired over the years. My father is more than happy to oblige. Truth be told he's on the verge of getting a second tree to display the tacky/wacky/cool ornaments that are no longer allowed on the living room tree...This might be the year for his and hers Christmas trees!

So, instead of the traditional blend of red and green, my Mom's tree skirt will be made with Red Heart Fiesta, the main color is a cream wrapped in gold nylon (glade) and the boarder is tan wrapped in gold (wheat). The snowflakes will be done in gold Glitterspun. I figure acrylic is perfect for this project since it sits on the ground for about a month then gets packed up at the end of the season. I ordered the yarn from Joann's on Tuesday, so it should be her in time to start knitting over the Thanksgiving weekend. If time allows, I'm also going to make her some crocheted tree ornaments. Those will be done with gold crochet thread and clear bulbs.

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