Friday, November 05, 2004

the problem with Peggy...

I knew that this project was going to be worrisome...but I plunged into it anyway, full steam ahead! And now, it's coming around to bite me on the ass.

Problem #1: I bought the yarn because it was in the sale bin at the LYS; but, I didn't take the time to check all of the dye lots...I ended up with 5 of one lot and 3 of another. I know, that's a mortal sin and I will suffer for it.

Problem #2: I bought the yarn without a project in mind. And, instead of sitting down and thumbing through their books and magazines I went home to "figure it out." Well, once I did pick Peggy, I saw that I didn't have enough yarn to finish anyway. But, that didn't stop me! Which leads to...

Problem #3: I started the project instead of going straight back to the store and looking for more yarn in my "main" dye lot. (Boy, am I stubborn or what?). I knit the back, all in the "main" lot. I knit both left and right fronts, alternating dye lots to make it less noticeable. Well, when it came time to knit the sleeves I had about 1½ skeins of the "main" lot and about ½ a skein of the "other". That, along with the motivation to finish Kirk, is why this piece was put on hold.

I knew I would have to cross my fingers, trek back to the burbs and hope for the best. So, last night -- the only night this store stay open late -- I went back and dug through the sale bin again. Thankfully there were still some skeins in my color. I ended up buying the remaining 4 skeins that were in my "other" dye lot. So now, it outnumbers my "main" lot. Argh!

So, I'm milling things over in my head. Do I ditch this all together and find a project that only needs 7 skeins of wool cotton? and another that only needs 5? Do I start over again from the beginning? If I start over, I will need a much more definite plan of attack!

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